Financial Analysis, Tax Reporting and Business Advising & Consulting


• Federal and state return preparations (late returns included)

• Tax Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Preparation of quarterly payroll returns

• Preparation of sales tax returns

• Preparation of W-2 and 1099 forms

• Recordkeeping Services

• Monthly Accounting Services

• EIN Application and business entity filings (including

  Subchapter S corporations)




Third Party Administration of Defined Contribution Plans


Defined Contribution Plan Administration is a highly specialized, rapidly evolving field. For that reason many companies, brokers, attorneys and accountants are turning over their plan administration responsibilities to a professional plan administrator like Aaron Keys & Associates, Inc. External administration removes the burden of keeping up with the demanding requirements that employees and regulatory agencies look for. At Aaron Keys & Associates, Inc. we provide you with a range of plans to choose from, each carefully designed to suit your specific strategies and objectives. We specialize in retirement plans with 1-100 participants.


Our role is not just to provide our clients with bookkeeping functions. We develop a professional relationship with each of our clients and strive to serve them with the most accurate, timely and efficient service possible.


Our fees are very reasonable and our Service Agreements clearly outline what services are provided. Common administration services provided include the following:


• Allocation of Contributions & Earnings

• Trustee Report

• Participant Statements

• Trust Accounting

• Coverage Testing & Total Compliance

• Top-Heavy Testing

• Anti-Discrimination Testing on Employee Deferrals [401(k)]

• Anti-Discrimination Testing on Employer Match [401(k)]

• Annual 5500 Filing (IRS)

• Summary Annual Report (DOL)

• Determination of Distribution Amounts

• 1099-R Preparation (IRS)


We are a fast growing, independent consulting firm that specializes in the design, implementation and administration of many types of Defined Contribution Plans.


ERISA (Employee Retirement and Income Security Act)


Many employers are required to comply with the many various reporting and disclosure requirements. Aaron Keys & Associates, Inc. can handle all facets of ERISA compliance including the filing of form 5500 annual reports, preparation and distribution of summary plan descriptions, distribution of summary annual reports, and summaries of material modifications. With our team, we are prepared to help keep employer's in compliance with this complex and technical law.


Prospective Market-Defined Contribution Plans


1-100 Eligible Employees


Compliance Services


• Top Heavy Testing

• IRS and DOL Section 415 Testing

• IRS and DOL Form 5500 Filing

• Form 1099-R

• Federal Tax Reporting


Annual Management Reporting


•Participant Reconciliation Summary

•Participant Loan Summary

•Participant Distribution Summary

•Participant Benefit Statement


Administrative Services


•Annual Reports

•Participant Loan Administration


Plan Setup Services


•Installation Kit

•Summary Plan Description and Plan Documents

•Plan Administration Manual

•Safe Harbor Notice


Establishment Fees


Establishment fees include all plan documents and administrative forms.


Annual Administrative Fees


The annual fees include the preparation of the Internal Revenue Service form 5500. The amount of year-end administrative work involved in administering a plan remains the same whether the plan is adopted on the first day of the plan year or the last. If your company intends to adopt a plan for the prior plan year, then fees will be charged for that plan year. If you do not intend to make contributions for the first year then you may wish to delay the plan effective date to the next year. You have the option to invest your funds anywhere you like. Two hours of accounting are included in the base administrative cost and anything after that will be charged at the rate of $60 per hour.




Life and Health

Term and Whole Life

Health Insurance